Speed Optimisation

Website loading…………

Speed optimistion is crucial. Website speed is now an integral part of googles algorithm. Everybody likes a fast operating website. Higher the speed better is the user experience and lower bounce rate; eventually leads to high conversion. If your website is slow there would be definite loss of traffic, high bounce rate and would affect brand leading to a bad reputation.

How can slow site speed affect your brand?

Let’s think from the user point of view. A user lands on the site with an intention of buying a product and the website takes ages to load. The user will eventually would be forced to leave the website and is likely to never return again, simply because the site is too slow. A higher bounce rate can send a negative signal to google indicating that users are not engaging with website much and consequence of which would be drop in google SERPS results. Are you ready to risk it?

The obvious answer is no. You can check your site on google insights and if it doesn’t work as prescribed by google, do not worry – Call us today and our experience team will get it fix for you.