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Case Luggage

QF – Case Study (3)

Project Brief 

I have relationship with them for over 8 years. However, In Spring 2018, we parented with the Case Luggage and took over their day to day maintenance task. Turning over millions with current website on Magneto community version was a huge responsibility.


We were tasked to finish all the pending elements, which were not completed by the previous company. Along with tidying up the code on the site including minify CSS, inline small CSS, simplify image dimensions, optimise images and many more. Our main objective was to increase the site speed and UI journey and increase sales.


Special requirement.


Another special requirement was as they physical stores in Heathrow terminal 2, Gatwick South, Harrods and Piccadilly it’s difficult for sales assistances on the floor to use the iPad as it shows a scaled desktop version. In order to make the process simple the special requirement was that mobile version should appear on the Ipad.


We knew the task were not straightforward, but we had achieved them quickly as a matter of urgency and to perfection.


We did our due diligence check on the current site and based on that a lot of planning was involved around technical features. These included


  1. We created the Dev site and update to the live version
  2. We Implemented all the pending task on the dev site tested, got approved and moved to live within matter of few days
  3. We initial fixed all the obvious errors and also implemented google’s recommendations to improve the site speed
  4. We Design and developed the mobile version for Ipad at the same time making sure site speed is not been compromised on iPad.


We have a working relationship going on to date.

Work Areas

Web Design, Web Development, Website maintenance and creating Bespoke Ipad Design

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