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PPC ( Pay Per Click )

Why PPC ?

Through PPC, you can limit your AdWords’ budget and maximise your ROI. It is critical to utilise budget for maximum ROI. Spending money unknowingly can be painful and frustrating if there is no ROI. With our experience and certified AdWords team, we can improve any existing campaign onto a high earning profit.

PPC is popular amongst all the digital marketers because it generates quick gains and converts traffic towards the sites. Most of the agencies will recommend to start with Google AdWords if you want a PPC campaign.

Here at Digital Web London, we will analyse your site and business sector, we will then suggest you with the best AdWords method that can generate more ROI; this can be either text, display or video ads. We will be honest with you- what works for others, may not work for you!

With the help of social media, there are many other ways that we can target your audience. Depending upon the niche of your product and sector, we will use Facebook, Instagram and Linkedln ads.

Google AdWords is popular amongst people, hence it is expensive and competitive. Don’t forget about the CPC cost you will have to pay to Google in order to acquire that lead. What if we tell you that you can spend half of the money and have same or more ROI. And this is possible! With our experience, expertise and knowledge, we will provide you with all of these.

    Full Campaign Management

    We offer a complete campaign management services. Your account will be handled in an outmost confidential manner by our experience team who will be accountable for maximising your ROI and they will work closely with you at all times. You can be at ease by leaving these responsibilities towards the team; so that you can focus on other businesses ventures.

    Campaign Management Process 
    • Knowing your goals
    • Carrying out market analysis
    • Suggesting best PPC method based on market analysis
    • Researching on keywords
    • Setting up campaign with niche demographics
    • Testing AB/Spit
    • Optimising campaigns based on results
    • Continuous development in order to gain maximum ROI
    • Customising reports
    pay per click London pay per click London

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