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Handmade shoes


Project Brief 

We have known them for more than 8 years now . However, In Spring 2018, we parented again with the HandmadeShoes UK LTD after the currently company failed to achieve their complex requirement and were unable to migrate from Magneto 1 to Magento 2. Website turning over millions on Magneto1 community version and migrating it to Magento 2 was huge responsibility.


We were appointed to carry out following tasks

  1. Migration current site from Magento Version 1 to Magento version 2
  2. Create completely a new user-friendly design for the website, keeping in line with current market standards and branding
  3. Improve the current site speed
  4. Maintaining the current site while creating the new site at the same time.
  5. Create Facebook shop and combining it with Instagram, so they can easily sell on Facebook and Instagram.

Bespoke Requirement

  1. Integrating new site with SAP Business One
  2. Simply the UI interface by converting current group products into configurable with selectable options i.e. converting 30 to 40 variations into 1 configurable selectable option.

We did our due diligence check by studying the current site structure along with its implementation with ERP system called HANSA.

Based on that a lot of planning was involved around Website Design, development and technical aspects. These included

  1. We created a Bespoke design for the new website – which is UI friendly, minimalistic/clean, and accommodated new product structure along with improvement in site speed.
  2. We migrated all the data from the current site to the new Magento 2 site.
  3. We analysed all the group products meticulously and converted them into configurable selectable options
  4. We replaced all the current images with white background in order to give website a clean and fresh look and feel
  5. We helped in integration of the new site with SAP Business One
  6. While creating the new site we used to also carry out day to day maintenance of the old site.

We still have an on-going working relationship with HandmadeShoes UK LTD