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10 Benefits of Mobile Marketing – Tips and Strategies

According to a new survey, the average smartphone user checks their phone 63 times every day. The daily average time spent on smartphones is 171 minutes each day, with 83% checking their devices while among friends and family.

That is how much we depend on our devices. As a result, having a solid mobile marketing strategy is critical for marketers. There are major benefits to using mobile marketing for every type of business. It helps to reach out to new audiences, reach customers quickly, and is cost-effective, to mention a few advantages.

For those who are still uncertain about the benefits of mobile marketing, here are 10 tried-and-true as well as powerful advantages that you just cannot ignore.

  1. Easily accessible and immediate

People are using their favourite social media apps, reading emails, playing a game, and surfing the web. Not to mention that they never leave the house without their smartphones.

So, if you wish to stay relevant, go where the customers are – on their phones.

Accessibility is essential for the success of mobile marketing. It enables you to reach your target audience at any time and from any location. Moreover, mobile marketing is the fastest approach to engage with customers and get your word out there.

The issue with desktops is that the person will not receive your message over several hours.

People aren’t always seated at their desks; they are restless. So, if you need to reach your target demographic quickly, mobile marketing is considerably preferable.

  1. Various Marketing Channels can be used

Here are some of the advantages of mobile marketing. There are numerous methods and strategies available for reaching out to customers.

Websites for Mobile Devices

Smartphones account for the vast bulk of internet traffic. It is a convenient method to browse any website while on the go and learn about a new brand. As a result, maintaining a mobile-friendly website is critical.

Apps for Mobile Devices

SMS marketing is still a popular method of mobile marketing. Text messages receive more responses than email or Facebook, and 90% are viewed within a few minutes.

QR Codes

Whenever it comes to mobile marketing, QR codes are also fairly popular. Users can scan QR codes to be directed to a specific website with extra info.

Mobile Marketing in-App

Ads that appear within mobile apps and games are also highly effective and have the ability to reach a big number of people. This is yet another way to reach a large number of people.

Email marketing, social media marketing, push notifications, voice, location-based marketing, and other mobile marketing techniques are also available.

  1. Allows you to reach and segment a global audience

When reaching a global audience is your aim, mobile marketing is the way to go. You cannot only reach them all, as well as also select who you want to reach. I’m sure you have had some demographic preferences for your audience, whether they are of a certain age, gender, or location.

Furthermore, ad platforms are becoming increasingly smart. Additional popular targeting options include interests, hobbies, previous purchasing behaviour, retargeting, and so on. If you don’t know who your target audience is, start broad until you do. Concentrate on that audience once you’ve determined it. Constantly cease testing and optimising your mobile marketing campaigns, though.

  1. Cost-effective

Mobile marketing is drastically less expensive than traditional marketing strategies. Many traditional marketing strategies are less expensive than optimising your website for mobile use or sending text messages.

That’s a huge advantage, especially for smaller companies with limited marketing resources. Mobile marketing is the way to go if you want to contact a lot more people for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

Creating marketing elements for mobile is also much easier. Due to the limited screen size of mobile devices, the quantity of information that can be included in a piece of content is much smaller. As a result, the text is more concise, to the point, and hence more effective.

  1. Viral Probability

One of the best things about mobile material is how simply it can be shared.

That indicates it has a lot of viral potential.

When a user discovers a valuable piece of content, they are most likely to share it with their friends and family. Not only will this provide you with a lot of free exposure, but it may also lead in your marketing campaign gaining attention.


  1. More Personalised

Mobile phones have become an extension of users, who frequently check and keep their phones near to hand. As a consequence, information received on mobile devices feels considerably more intimate than information received on PCs.

This is something that companies can benefit from. Individual and intimate marketing initiatives can provide tremendous benefits. However, in order to do so, you must tailor your marketing messages as much as necessary.

  1. Results are simple to track

What’s great about mobile advertising is that it makes it simple to track the effectiveness of your programs. You can examine how people reacted to your mobile marketing communications and estimate the click-through rate. Then, just tweak your campaign to increase your ROI.

This enables firms to be more precise, relevant, and flexible.

  1. Omnichannel reach

Mobile marketing may appear to be a cohesive approach. Nevertheless, the phrase truly spans various channels, giving you with numerous viable ways to reach consumers. For instance, mobile phones now account for the vast bulk of internet traffic. Then there are smartphone apps for a more unique experience. Consider text messages, which have a 98% average open rate.

There are more good ways to reach out. To give another example, QR codes in public places or in print can be scanned on mobile phones to access additional offers and information.

  1. Boost your search engine ranks

Users are increasingly using mobile devices instead of desktop computers to do searches and surf the Internet. A mobile-friendly website is vital. This involves things like page speed, design, and appropriate add-ons. When you combine this with a thorough SEO effort and social media mentions, the end result is a higher rating on search engines. This, of course, implies more exposure and hits.

  1. Numerous Ad formats to choose from

When you opt to invest in mobile marketing, you may select from a variety of ad styles. In general, choosing the best ad format for your company will help you reach the proper audience and get the most impressions for the least amount of money.

The four most common mobile ad formats are:

  • Banner ads
  • Interstitial ads
  • Native ads
  • Video ads

The biggest benefit of banner ads is how simple and inexpensive they can be. Their success will be determined by the selection of the appropriate visual, colours, CTA, and ad copy.

Native ads are similar to banner ads in appearance, but they are created to blend in better with the mobile context.

Interstitial adverts go across the entire screen. These must be carefully chosen because they conflict with the mobile experience of the user.

If your business is a mobile game, for example, video ads are the perfect ad format to use. They typically have a higher CTR because of their extremely compelling visual content. They do, however, demand an additional money for video production.

Text messages, location-based marketing, app marketing, in-game marketing, and other popular mobile marketing tactics have already been highlighted.

However, if you want to lead the game, you need consider some fresh and intriguing tactics.

Augmented reality is one of them. You’ve probably heard about Pokémon Go, an augmented reality game.

Given the expanding number of smartphone users, it’s safe to conclude that mobile advertising is here to stay. It allows you to directly reach consumers wherever they are and achieve better outcomes than traditional advertising.

When you examine all of the amazing benefits of mobile advertising, it would be crazy not to invest more work into it.

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