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13 strategies to market to GenZ

Want to deliver effective marketing strategies and methods to your Gen Z audience? Here’s why, what, and how to market to Generation Z.

For the longest time, the most common question I was asked was, “How can we appeal to millennials?”

The wheels are moving now, and many marketers’ primary goal is to attract a new, content-hungry generation of consumers. And the question is, how do we market to Generation Z?

Gen Z, sometimes known as “Zoomers,” is a distinct group of young adults and teenagers.

For starters, they have never known life before the internet. For another thing, they have enormous spending power. Are you interested now?

Let’s look at how we can leverage available research, polls, and data to strengthen our marketing plans and campaigns in order to reach the next generation, Gen Z. You must understand who your ideal consumer is, regardless of which generation you are selling to.

You can’t simply say, “We market to Generation Z,” and consider it a day. You must first fully grasp your target audience: what their issues are, what they like doing, what they like, what repulses them, and, most crucially, what they want from you.

So, here’s the first step in marketing to Generation Z: Learn about your target audience.

That is true for all generations, not just Gen Z marketing tactics, which is not the focus of this article. We want to investigate how businesses can specifically reach Generation Z.

The easiest method to contact them is through social media and identify yourself with their progressive outlook on life. This is how.

  1. Create Content for Each Channel

When it comes to multi-channel marketing, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Marketers frequently duplicate a campaign and distribute it across various media. But there is an alternative.

Create content for TikTok with the TikTok audience in mind. The same is true for LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, TV, and so on. These two audiences are nothing alike.

Likewise, Generation Z appreciates brands that understand how to use each social media site uniquely, as they do.

As an example:

Instagram is great for aspirational posts.

Snapchat for everyday occasions.

TikTok for entertaining and current tasks.

Twitter for breaking news.

LinkedIn for career-related information.

If you want your paid or organic content to be successful, you must blend in with the online social network where you are publishing.

  1. Keep It Brief

Create material that is tailored to a short attention span. Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram, which favour short videos, are popular among Generation Z. Gen Z wants everything to be crystal clear; people don’t want to sift through stuff to find what they’re looking for, therefore you should use statistics, numbers, and video to make your point. Keep on-page blog pieces brief and visually supported with charts or artwork, keep videos short and to the topic, and don’t be hesitant to undertake your own market research to share with your customers. Remember to create mobile-friendly material as well.

  1. Meet them where they live

Gen Z is the most technologically savvy generation. They devote more time on social media. Selling techniques should begin on social and mobile platforms, incorporate many touch points, and use straightforward, no-fluff content in a variety of formats (video, pic posts, stories, etc.). Marketing gimmicks from the past will not work here. Instead, focus on direct, personalised messages and content that emphasises what’s in it for them.

  1. Use User-Generated Content (UGC)

There’s a whole latest era of buyers that grew up in the Amazon age and would never consider purchasing anything without a slew of UGC at critical conversion points to guide them. Forget about one or two negative reviews from a free plugin. I’m talking about hundreds of reviews, user-generated photographs, and other resources. This is the new norm; it is no longer a “nice to have when we get big enough,” but a need.

  1. Promote Authenticity

It is critical that the tone, voice, and personality of your brand emanate authenticity and credibility. Display the people and ideals that are at the heart of the brand.

Invest in the development of long-term partnerships.

Why? Genuine brands are preferred by Generation Z. It’s also enjoyable.

Make use of bloopers, behind-the-scenes videos, staff interviews, and anything else that can help build a human connection. Observe how most TikTok videos are shot on personal devices instead of pricey equipment or professionally edited recordings. Even if you have a large budget, you must remain realistic.

  1. Keep Them Entertained

Generation Z has spent their entire life online, which has an impact on their connected activities. While they are not as hostile to advertising as their elders, they still want authenticity, entertaining interactions, and experiences that give what they require before they tell you. Marketers must shift from informing to engaging, from fame to authenticity, and from basic to predictive to succeed with Generation Z.

  1. Ensure that your tech design is excellent.

Automation and self-service are growing trends to satisfy this generation of technology-driven, self-educating consumers, but the secret to automation is getting it right. Businesses must guarantee that the design of their technology is excellent and meets customer expectations, or buyers will not consider it a quality purchase choice, reducing goodwill toward your brand and your product or service.

  1. Get them involved as well

Generation Z likes to feel like they are a part of something bigger, so make sure your marketing initiatives encourage their participation. It not only enhances social campaigns since customers feel as though they are communicating directly with their favourite companies, while they also love the recognition that comes with participating.

A social campaign encouraging them to submit an image using a hashtag in exchange for the chance to win an exclusive reward is just one example of a wonderful approach to engage with Gen Z. If your company is supporting an important cause, encouraging individuals to share their tales makes them feel like they are a part of something bigger, increasing brand recognition while also advancing your ethical aims.

  1. Use Video Communications

Gen Z never leaves voicemail and prefers text messages to email. They are also the YouTube/Netflix/Reddit youth, enjoying short one- to three-minute videos on their phones. If you want to retain their attention throughout the sales process, video is the way to go. Sales organisations could add video-creation skills to their toolkits, enabling their buyers to engage Gen Z buyers more effectively.

  1. Concentrate on Customer Experiences

Advertisers are naive to think that selling is still effective. At the moment, it’s all about appealing and promoting. Let us disarm the next generation by putting a stop to the outdated “flash sale,” “one-time offer,” and other failing marketing campaign strategies. Instead, let us appeal to Generation Z by offering excellent customer service and aesthetically pleasing client experiences.

  1. Feature Company Values on Their Favorite Platforms

Gen Z grew up with fast access to data that they can use to react to your sales efforts. Emphasize your company’s principles and the social benefit you do to develop compelling marketing messages that will resonate with people. To attract their attention, tailor your pitch to each social media network they use and deliver brief but meaningful information.

  1. Don’t Abandon Marketing via Multiple Channels

Yes, we know that Generation Z is obsessed with their phones. They do, however, enjoy visiting retail stores. In fact, three times as many Gen Zers say they shop in a physical store than online. As a result, you must reach Zoomers through all of their channels of communication, including social media, YouTube, email, streaming, and so on.

Do you need additional proof?

According to a Pitney Bowes and the CMO Council report, 88% of Zoomers prefer a mix of physical and digital marketing.

  1. Have Fun and Be Adventurous

Keep it playful. I know GenZ are keenly aware of socioeconomic and environmental issues, but the distraction provided by social media means they are lured to amusing stuff. Don’t be afraid to create stuff that is daring and entertaining. Use sites like TikTok, which encourage content production, engagement, and interaction. You receive amazing visibility if you can establish a hashtag, a trend, or a challenge, such as the Coca-Cola challenge. Alternatively, join an established hashtag and ride the wave.

This should go without saying, but it’s critical that you get it properly. Gen Z is the generation born between 1995-2012, into an era when technology has grown at an astounding rate and everything they require is now at their fingertips. They realise more than their ancestors that it is up to them to choose the future and its outcome, thus they are particularly sensitive of ethical problems, such as animal experimentation and sustainability, when deciding who to buy from.

As they swiftly get to grips with new technology, Gen Z is likely to be the first to test out voice search on a daily basis – so make sure you can stay up and have your material read out by Alexa or Google Home.

Ready to get out there and engage Generation Z? It is time to change your marketing strategy to appeal to the people who are now ready to buy. Keep the issues raised above in mind, and you will reap the benefits of working with Generation Z in the future.

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