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6 Strategies to retain customers in 2023

The retention of customers must be your top consideration as you develop your ecommerce business. But as their business grows, too many online merchants continue to spend the majority of their time and resources on luring potential subscribers and ignore customer retention.

But creating a devoted customer base is vital to starting a successful e-commerce business.

Repeat customers will probably make bigger purchases and serve as unpaid brand ambassadors, suggesting your firm to others, in addition to saving money on customer acquisition costs.

Customer retention is worthwhile spending time and money on if the relevant measure for online shopping is even half as high.

Your retention rate can be enhanced via a variety of tactics, from little modifications to large-scale campaigns.

When it comes to attracting and keeping customers, your advertising agency can be crucially significant. In fact, one of the nicest options you could do to boost sales is to promote to your previous and present clients.

These six (mostly) limited, high-impact strategies may produce gains in 2023.

  1. Utilize Data to Recognize Your Clients and Customize Your Marketing

The huge amount of information at your fingertips makes eCommerce superior to traditional retail. But unless you spend money upon the tools you need to examine it, all that information is useless to you.

Tools to improve customer retention are available on customer relationship management (CRM) platforms like Salesforce Commerce Cloud or Zoho Commerce. Utilize the data you know about your consumers to send them pertinent messages that will promote repeat business. Take full advantage of the strategic edge that your inside information affords you.

  1. Reward Your Customers Who Refer Others

A friend’s recommendation is a great way to draw in new clients. If you’re running your company properly, your clients will promote it for nothing because really adore your goods and services and want the world to know about them.

With prizes or awards for referrals that result in new business, though, you can fuel your referral pipeline. There are many resources available that can assist you in doing this, like Ambassador, Referral Rock, and Referral Candy, to mention a few. You can use data from a referral coupon to learn more about the clients who boost your business the most.

  1. Offer Wise Coupons

Use promo codes and coupons to maximise customer retention. For instance, a coupon given after a first buy promotes a follow-up purchase, leading in a repeat client.

When it comes to retail, hardly anything attracts attention more than a great bargain. Some deals now have the potential to go viral thanks to social media. There are other websites that are solely focused on consumers sharing different coupons they’ve discovered. Such a reputation is enormous for start-ups or companies with a weak local presence.

Create an automated program to give the best discounts to your consumers after conducting some A/B testing to identify the right timing and amount for various customer types.

  1. Customer Service Is a Way To Show You Care

Even though it is expensive, offering personal customer service may be incredibly successful. A little kindness goes a long way. Consider ways to make your clients feel positive about using your product in addition to discounts and offers. Any form of positive appreciation, such as a thank-you note, can keep customers coming back.

Customers that are treated well will return the favour. However, nothing works better than first-rate customer support.

In a contrast to being ignored or (worse) mistreated, which can result in angry posts or reviews, a satisfactory answer to a client’s issue fosters customer retention.

  1. Engage Clients Across All Channels

Use social media to communicate with customers.

Have personnel on hand to respond directly to social media comments, queries, and customer support requests. Customers should be regularly informed about your goods and services by giving them the most recent information. Sharing product milestones will help your customers know your dedication to constant improvement. Use a variety of methods, such as SMS, social media, and webchats, to communicate frequently. Personalize your content to appeal to the different customer groups.

Customer retention will increase via emotional connection and a sense of being understood.

  1. Emails

Over half of the global population (4 billion) use emails. Your online shoppers either have email accounts in plenty or at all.

Their emails are read, or at least glanced. As per Mailchimp data for 2022, retail emails had a higher conversion rate of 18.39%. Even if a buyer doesn’t open an email, you’ve still got their attention and they’ll remember you the next time they need to buy anything related to your market area.

Email is a low-cost technique that works well for frequent touch, especially with your top clients.

Design efficient email campaigns for various client profiles by A/B testing messaging and frequency, and then automate with tools like, HubSpot, and Salesforce or Mailchimp.

Customer Lifetime Value Calculation

Statistics for customer acquisition are more fascinating and simpler to understand than those for customer retention.

Conversions, new and lost customers, and the average transaction are all important data points.

However, customer retention speeds up growth while customer churn slows it down.

The following formula can be used to calculate a customer’s lifetime value (CLV):

Average Total Order Amount X Average Orders Per Year and Average Years of Retention = the Customer Lifetime Value (companywide)

The average client retention time for your brand will change in the future as you add additional data, in particular.

By substituting the average gross order amount with the mean profit margin on each order, you can adjust the computation to take profitability into consideration.

This enables you to differentiate between loyal clients prepared to pay full cost and regular bargain hunters.

While acquiring new clients must always be a priority for your company, don’t overlook customer retention. By trying to make sure your current customers have a wonderful experience, you are building the basis for a devoted client base that will continue to return and promote your business to others.

Whether you opt for one of these approaches or another, enhancing your client retention procedures in 2023 will enable you to boost sales and earnings.


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