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Instagram Latest Updates You Should Know


1.     Add yours sticker now in reels

This week, Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced new features that are focused mainly on reels for both Instagram and Facebook.

Add yours sticker option was available only for stories till now and it has been quite popular.

You can either create a new sticker or hop in a sticker trend with your own version of it. It’s very easy to use, just click on the add yours button, create or use an existing video and post- boom, you’re now a part of the sticker gang!

This enables creativity as well as quick conversations around a topic. It’s available publicly for all to participate and view other’s responses as well. This is a great way to create trendy content and show up with your own twist. It’s also going to increase interaction with reels.

Instagram is also going to reward the creators who create a trend and will promote their usernames with a ‘started by’ label, a great way to get known and stand out too.

2. 9:16 Vertical Photos

Recently Adam Mosseri was asked if new photo features were being planned.

It’s positive that in the next weeks, they will be testing tall vertical picture format – 9:16, trying to replicate the reel format on the feed.

3. Cross-Posting Reels For Instagram And Facebook

Instagram users can now post reels simultaneously on ig and fb but clicking on the share your reels to Facebook to grow option, while posting on Instagram. This feature was available for posts earlier but now reels can be shared automatically too, to increase reach and enagagement.

4. Facebook Reel Insights

Facebook will show detailed analytics for reels like average watch time, reach and total view time. This encourages creators and businesses to post more reels on the platform along with the previous simultaneous posting feature, reels are a big thing for Facebook as well.

With these new features, Reels are still a big deal not only for Instagram but now, also for Facebook. It’s high time to take video marketing  seriously as now is the perfect time for it to be blooming.


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