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The Impact of Social Media on Web Design: How to Integrate Social Media into Your Website for Better Engagement

Social media is widespread and has an impact on practically everything, from how digital marketers pitch and sell their products to how a company website looks. Social media channels, believe it or not, have had a massive effect on the digital world.

Every business, regardless of size or style, should have an effective social media strategy if they want to flourish in today competitive digital marketing landscape. But, one area that most entrepreneurs and marketers must carefully consider is site design.

The Value of Quality Social Media and Web Design

Web design and social media are increasingly inseparable and, to be honest, are excellent complementing parts to any brand’s online reputation. The value of a functional and beautiful website design is growing by the day. Shoppers now require a captivating website that works on any operational devices, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. By visiting your social media sites, users want to be amused, informed, and connected with your brand. This is why, when done well, both are great assets to a firm.

Businesses that want to succeed in today’s fast-paced virtual era should have a presence on social media. In reality, social media is the greatest tool to inform your target audience about your brand.

This is why, nowadays, practically every website includes symbols for various social media networks to alert visitors that the firm has an online presence. When a user clicks on one of these buttons, they are brought to the brand’s social networking profile.

How to Integrate Social Media into Your Website for Better Engagement?

Now that you understand the significance of incorporating social media into your website, you may opt to pursue social media integration. You can do so in a wide range of methods, which are mentioned below.

1.Instagram Photo Gallery Feed

Instagram is the most popular social networking site and a social media app based on photo sharing. We frequently advise clients to include an integrated Instagram feed on their website. Either in a separate section of the homepage. Or perhaps if you routinely update your Instagram. This can then be shown as a whole gallery page on the website.

An Instagram feed has the advantage of bringing fresh, current, and ever-changing photographs to your website. (Of course, if you keep your feed up to date!) An up-to-date feed on your website indicates to potential customers that you are actively growing your firm.

An Instagram feed on an e-commerce website might be very useful for displaying product lifestyle photographs. While service-based businesses such as photographers or interior decorators can use Instagram to exhibit a portfolio of current projects. Without having to actively update content to their website in order to keep their gallery area fresh and up to date.

Instagram feeds can be easily integrated to a current site using a plugin. Meanwhile, they’re easy to keep up with using the Instagram app.

2.Social Calls to Action

Social call to actions are another great asset to your website for social media integration. These are customizable button icons that connect to your preferred social media. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube… or all of the above. These widgets are frequently featured in a website’s header menu and footer. Yet, depending on your design choices, they can be placed almost anywhere.

These ingenious little buttons will direct your users to your social pages. Enabling your consumers and clients to contact you via social media channels. We frequently include them on the contact us page.

In many cases, your website visitor will contact you throughout a contact form. Having a social linked account helps them to advance organically to browsing your social page links. Following the completion of an action on your website.

It’s worth noting that if you’re linking social accounts through your website, make sure they’re kept up to date. These builds trust in your brand. A social account linked on your site that hasn’t been updated in two years, on the other hand, is probably doing more harm than good. Users may question your credibility as well as how your firm is operating.

3.YouTube Videos

Clients frequently request that video content be embedded on their website. This can be master in a variety of ways. Yet, the most effective and frequently recommended solution to our clients is to use YouTube video links.

As a result, make sure that your website’s cache isn’t overflowing with video content, which could result in slow-loading pages. While also enabling website visitors to access a vast library of extra video content. If they need further details.

As a tool to sell your brand online, streaming video is becoming increasingly popular. While YouTube is a popular tool for connecting with video material on a wide range of topics and genres. You could want to include one or two videos on your website. Have included a link to your YouTube channel so that website visitors can go there for further in video content.

4.Twitter News Feeds

Many of our event-based clients successfully integrate Twitter feeds into their websites. As a method for communicating up-to-date event information. A Twitter feed, on the other hand, might be utilized by a variety of websites.

While, like the Instagram feed, they are a good way to give current and accurate information. Without the need to manually update the content of your website. We find these handy for customers who are unsure about utilising the WordPress administration area. Yet, they constantly update their Twitter account with updates about their organization.

Even though WordPress is a very user-friendly platform. We entirely understand that learning how to use stuff requires time, energy, and a strong desire. As a result, having up-to-date information on your website can sometimes be overcome with an integrated feed. The benefit of this is that a Twitter feed will frequently link straight to your Twitter account.

5.Buttons for Sharing on Social Media

These buttons are comparable to the social buttons we mentioned previously. These are, however, prompted at certain points during the user’s trip through your website. They entice the user to take a specific activity. Directly sharing stuff from your website to their social page. It is frequently a fantastic technique to sell your items or services.

The most common method of marketing today is word-of-mouth recommendation. You can invite visitors to share your material on their social channels by including a call to action. Particularly if they’ve found it useful or adore your product… If you run an eCommerce firm, this strategy may be advantageous. Consumers today like sharing their favourite items and services with their social networks. As a result, you, the business owner, will benefit from direct sales. As well as promoting your goods to a completely different network each time they are shared.

Adding social sharing buttons on your website’s eCommerce pages might also allow visitors to pin products for later use on Pinterest. Enabling customers to return at a later period or during a different season to view this product. While encouraging that person’s followers on the platform to share your merchandise. As a result, your company’s reach will grow with no marketing effort and no additional costs.


You should have a better idea of the advantages of incorporating social media into your website. Whether from an online marketing angle or to encourage current material streaming inside your site’s pages. Integrating social content allows your website to load faster without even being slowed down by too much uploaded content. While simultaneously expanding your reach to a larger network with no added marketing costs.

If you’re technically adept, you might be capable of incorporating social buttons into your site’s pages. You can contact us by filling out our website requirements form, you may also contact us to ask for social integration to be performed out or maintained.

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