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Top 5 Marketing accounts on Instagram

Social media itself is THE ‘Influencer’ of the decade. Whether it’s on a personal or professional front, we can all agree that social media pretty much defines the landscape of how and what we perceive daily.


Apps like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Pinterest have become the most influential and motivating sources of content and creation from Web series to fashion choices. With access to all of this inspiration and innovative creation sources on a whim, the question of how we can prioritise its reach and successful impact on our audiences, brand inspiration, and promotion arises.


If you’re looking to get inspired, spruce up your brand or social, or even looking for how social media takes Marketing to a whole new pedestal, here are some of the top Instagram accounts on Marketing and growth that will help your brand stick out during the everyday feed scroll.




  1. Ad Week:


AdWeek’s Instagram account is dedicated to highlighting some of the most creative and standout ads published by different brands worldwide. It’s a great account to look for what’s the new creative outlook, what designs are trending, and get a firsthand look at what ads the masses find appealing, that are turning heads and driving conversations.



  1. NoGood:


One of the most renowned growth marketing agencies in the social media game, designed to help impactful brands grow and promote themselves with the help of experts and amazing tools. NoGood’s Instagram is filled with greatly influential and exciting content that is made for the most intuitive marketers in the game. Their account demonstrates how and what to use for effective growth and how they are leading experts who know how to have fun with a meme or two.



  1. HubSpot:


HubSpot is an automation and CRM tool that helps companies and brands scale their businesses. Their Instagram account delivers clear messaging for their tools and builds their brand awareness through a coordinated feed and visual identity. The account is full of marketing strategies gems that are not only creative but provenly effective.



  1. 2 PM Inc:


2 PM is an industry-leading newsletter that statistically analyses the convergence of media and commerce and how those propositions are applied elsewhere. It is a subscription-based media company and consultancy for commerce industry insiders. Their Instagram feed is a grid of illustrated article covers that are a must-see for businesses looking for growth in their respective sectors.



  1. Marketing Humor:


Marketing Humor’s Instagram account is an amazing example of how innovative and far more relatable marketing through memes has become. They are humorous and provide the trending edge that takes ads and brands to a rising social media influence and frenzy. This account illustrates sarcastic memes that sometimes hit a little too close to home for most marketers.



Overall, we see how social media transforms and continues to be one of the leading sources of audience engagement, creative strategies and influential inspiration to keep marketing fresh. We know the importance of staying ahead of the game, and up to speed on tips, tricks, resources, and trends within the industry. If you’re looking for inspiration or create new tools that withhold the ability to provide remarkable results or to experiment with, this short list is a great starting point for your search process

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