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Video Marketing Tools for 2023

Video marketing has a number of advantages. First of all, videos are simple to share, which makes them excellent for interacting with followers and luring in new clients. Sharing entertaining videos with friends, family, and co-workers is a popular pastime.

500+ hours of footage are posted to the network every minute, which indicates that marketers all over the world are creating and sharing video content at alarming levels.

If you haven’t prioritised video marketing in your marketing plan, now is the moment to catch up with what your opponents are doing.

Even inexperienced video marketers can produce high-quality content that engages viewers and boosts conversions with the aid of a variety of tools. Here is everything you want to know about the current popularity of video marketing as well as the free web resources you can use to create digital video content for your company.

Video marketing: What Is It?

According to a recent study on YouTube data, customers are busy than ever, which means they prefer to receive information from marketers in brief, simply consumable formats.

In the numerous surveys, consumers preferred video over emails, social media posts, social media photos, social media videos, blog articles, and downloaded content.

To engage, amuse, and convert viewers, video marketing uses video content.

Videos should be used in a video marketing strategy to promote a good or service, inform consumers, and boost online and social interaction.

Although YouTube is the most widely used video platform, there are several others as well. To share videos with their audience, brands use a variety of channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Video marketing has a number of advantages.

First of all, videos are simple to share, which makes them ideal for interacting with followers and luring in new clients.

The best approach to keep viewers interested and engaged is to keep videos brief and pleasant, between 1 and 2 minutes.

Some longer videos are useful for educating viewers about a particular good or service, for example. In general, videos are more successful than written content at capturing viewers’ scant attention spans. A lot of brands mix written and visual material.

A list of the top video marketing tools for various needs is presented below.

  1. Animoto

Animoto is a universal tool for making video marketing campaigns since it offers a simple and convenient approach to make shorter films and longer ones to aid in your marketing campaigns. Animoto offers a multitude of images, clips, choice of music, typography, and more to create professional-looking films with all the polish and consistency of professional videos—at a fraction of the cost.

Animoto offers a free online video editor that allows users to build a wide variety of videos, however there are also subscription levels that add more capabilities. Compared to the free Animoto videos, which all come with an Animoto watermark, the two subscription versions are better able to provide professional videos sans Animoto trademark watermarks.

  1. Magisto

With Magisto, presenting your talent in a video is simple. You use genuine footage from your cameras, just like some of these greatest video marketing solutions. Magisto’s AI-based editing assistant, which helps you from uploading footage to editing it and even with distribution, is what sets it apart from other apps. The AI assistant can easily identify emotions and will ask you what “mood” you’re looking for.

Your video has been designed from the ground up to help you spread your intended message across all of your social media channels. You lack music. Don’t worry! Music that has been licenced is available to pro and commercial users of Magisto software. Getty Images offers its stock photo collection to business customers as well. Additionally, Magisto features built-in video analytics that assist you in determining what is beneficial and where you may make improvements moving forward. The software can be accessed through the web client on a computer or as an iPhone or Android app.

  1. PlayPlay

With premium video features and an incredibly user-friendly interface, PlayPlay can make it simple for internal communications and marketing teams at big businesses to produce a lot of excellent video material. PlayPlay can cover a wide range of video demands for various teams and social channels, including employee and customer interviews, podcasts teasers, corporate announcements, and “Buzzfeed-style” videos.

The web-based filmer can be a time and resource-saving option for your business, whether it wants to produce content for marketing, employer branding, or internal and corporate communication. The value-added enterprise features that PlayPlay offers, including advanced motion graphics, accessibility to a subscription Getty Images Stock Media Library, as well as the capacity to completely incorporate branding aspects, set it apart from the rest of the competition.

  1. Videoshop

An app called Videoshop was developed to make it simple to create content on the fly and post it on social media. Although being much less feature-rich, Videoshop nonetheless harnesses the power of social video communication and enables businesses, organisations, and people to develop effective video marketing strategies. For those who are just getting started or want to make brief video clips, Videoshop is perfect.

The basic operation of Videoshop is similar to that of a video editor, but it offers more features and is simpler to use. A “pro” membership, or paid subscription, eliminates these watermarks. Free videos do have a Videoshop watermark to show viewers where the video was produced.

  1. WeVideo

This is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for something that can meet the demands of business, education, and individual clients. In reality, the only app in this section with an instructional use plan is WeVideo. The options for pupils, including video scientific reports, make them extremely proud. Meanwhile, corporate clients would adore capabilities like screen recording. People can take use of a specially designed YouTube video editor and the capacity to produce HD videos on their own.

Perhaps this explains why they are referred to as “the best ever” in their advertising. Well, maybe or might not, but this application is certainly flexible and can be used to produce the kind of material that can be found in a range of contexts, from video SEO campaigns to instructional projects.

  1. Wave Video

Because Wave Video offers both a decent selection of templates and the option to start from scratch, we enjoy it. It’s a fantastic tool for utilizing the same basic video content in many video formats. Make a lovely video for YouTube, for instance, then subsequently opt to turn it into a banner video for Facebook or an Instagram-friendly format. Even better, you can continue where you left off. The fact that Wave Video is designed to facilitate high volume video content creation, in contrast to many of its rivals, is emphasised by the creators. Another fantastic feature is the easiness with which branding materials, like as logos, may be submitted to the platform for potential usage in videos.

Wave isn’t a lone wolf though; it has connectors with Hubspot, Facebook, Twitter, Google Drive, YouTube, Drop Box, Twitter, and more. To put it another way, there are many methods to make Wave Video work in a group setting so that a marketing team may benefit from the power of video. The best part is that Wave comes with landing pages, a content calendar, a video button, and video hosting.

There is much more to choosing a video marketing software than simply weighing the pros and cons of each solution. You must be certain about the programme you must utilise.

You may have noticed after reading the article above that many of the apps and basic functionalities of video marketing tools are shared. But keep in mind that each piece of software has a certain purpose.

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