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What are Display Ads/Advertising?

Display advertising is the process of alluring the target audience of a website, social media platform or any other digital mediums to take a specified action destined for promotion. A display ad, better known as a banner ad, is basically a visual embodiment of online paid advertising They mostly consist of text-based, image or video advertisements that incentivize the consumers to click-through to a landing page and perform an action such as making a purchase.

All major display and online advertising campaigns are levied on a cost per click (CPC) basis. To rephrase this, every time a user clicks on your ad posted on a search engine, you will be charged an amount that is based on your overall bidding strategy.

Display ads are also used for retargeting campaigns. These campaigns are where ads are presented to users who have already visited a specific website at least once before. The aim is to ‘retarget’ those users and entice them to return to the website and give it a go again.

Pros and Cons of Display Advertising:

Display marketing renders tons of business advantages. The visual prospect of these ads aids in capturing the attention of your target audience and convey your message or motto in a quirky, eye-catching and straightforward manner.


  • Distinctiveness: Display ads come in all shapes, sizes and can be represented in a number of    formats. Hence, you can choose a style of your liking and an advertising format that will assist you in achieving your marketing goals.
  • Outreach: Owing to the Google Display Network (GDN), brands now have access to millions of websites simply from a Google ads account.
  • Targeting: Due to GDN’s substantial reach, it also enables us to target the target audience by placing ads on the right websites. This encompasses demographic and geo-targeting, as well as the specific interests of your customers.
  • Statistics: All the clicks, conversions and impressions are tracked by Google Ads and also Google Analytics for much more detailed performance and committed tracking.


  • Banner Blindness: Owing to the profuse nature of display ads, many users now tend to ignore them completely. What this entails is a very low click-through rate.
  • Ad-Blockers: It’s all in the name, these extensions or background software aims to block all sorts of ads. Multiple brands and media outlets have struggled to evade them, but it isn’t easy as consumers want to avoid the annoyance of multiple ads flickering before them.

Some practises to get the most out of your Display ads in 2022:

To make the most out of display advertising and expand your business, making use of the latest practices is extremely crucial. Here we present a few things to keep in mind whilst drafting your Display ads strategy.

1. Setting the right target

Triumphant targeting encompasses identifying your ideal clientele and conducting research to better understand those customers. After being equipped with keyword targeting, your ads will pop up on websites that promote content that complements the chosen keywords.

Placement targeting allows you to select the specific websites on which the ads will appear, whilst demographic targeting is concentrated on your target audience’s demographic profile and data.

2. Create stand-out ads

You not only want to attract the right audience, but also need them to click on your ad and take certain actions. Thus, content and design are very important elements of a triumphant display ad.
Making use of high-quality images that convey a strong and debatable message, can help evoke an emotional response from your ideal clientele.
You also have the option where you can take advantage of programmatic advertising to present numerous iterations of the same copy to differently segregated audiences. Addedly, small-and-sweet ad copies can initiate urgency and prove to be as little teasers to make consumers want to discover further.

3. Exploring rich media

Dissimilar to traditional static display ads, rich media promotes the element of interaction. This may be in the form of video, audio, or the propensity to expand in size when a mouse cursor hovers over the display ad.
Taking leverage of the high admiration of video content and the its effectiveness, advertising can capture the attention of your target audience and retain their interest in what you’re offering.
In spite of the fact that being more interactive comes at a price (quite literally), investing in rich media is sure to be worthwhile for your brand’s ROI given that it is put to use effectively.


Although, marketers today believe that the influence of display ads is minimal, they can still prove to be an effective technique to achieve your marketing goals. Indeed, when coupled with other marketing strategies, they can greatly boost the image and curiosity towards your product or company.
Similar to most paid marketing efforts, it is about setting the target right. Lacking the right traffic and target audience, even the most enthralling ad-creative and landing pages will fall flat.

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