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Brand reputation management is the activity of analyzing how customers view your company and taking strategic action to improve your brand presence when necessary. Currently, reputation management refers to monitoring and safeguarding your brand's online reputation in places like reviews, social media, and Google.Reputation management is a continual process that allows you to keep

Email marketing segmentation is the process of organisations breaking their entire database of email subscribers into smaller groups in order to provide a more targeted or personalised experience. Businesses segment subscribers by categorising recipients based on similar factors such as demographic information, subscription source, and purchasing history. With these segments in place, advertising companies

Despite research demonstrating that investing in customer service improves business outcomes, creating a truly customer-centric firm demands guts.True client centricity requires a purposeful commitment to ideals that may contradict short-term, cost-cutting strategies that are more easily linked to the bottom line.To create a customer-centric firm, you should commit to a set of principles —

Do you own an SMB (small to medium business)?Whatever your company's goals; you need a solid marketing plan to help you reach them. 81% of SMB owners attribute their marketing strategy for their company's performance throughout the crisis. 71% of participants believe that their marketing plan was important to their company's existence.In this article,

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