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Remarketing for remark-able results

Ever find yourself surfing through a website/product and for the next few days- boom, its ads are running all over your screen from Youtube to google to even social media apps? While you may call it annoying, it’s a smart move by digital marketers who’re well aware of the psychology behind purchases.

71% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand they’re familiar with as it builds a sense of trust.

It helps increase the awareness of your brand while subconsciously making it a known name for the user so that when they actually decide to get the service/product, our company’s name is familiar to them.

It’s the same logic that seeing a particular ad on TV again and again subconsciously affects the buyer’s decision or even creates a desire in them .

The aim of the retargeting ads is to remind the user of those services/products they were interested in, and maybe by seeing the ad, they will be convinced to click and make the purchase they didn’t make previously.

Remarketing is done using multiple channels like Instagram, Google, email, Microsoft, SMS, Facebook, Whatsapp and a lot more.

Popular channels for remarketing include-

1. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are the most popular platform for remarketing. The social media giant has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users, which means you can reach a huge audience. Facebook offers you various ad formats, such as standard banners and video ads. You can also use Instagram Stories to create customized ads for your users.

2..Google Ads

Google Ads is a great choice because it allows you to target specific keywords or interests as well as people who have visited your website in the past. Google Ads is available on the Universal App Campaigns page, allowing you to target both desktop and mobile devices simultaneously. You can even set up remarketing campaigns that generate leads from people who have visited your landing pages but haven’t converted yet.


As one of the oldest digital marketing platforms, websites are still an effective way to reach customers who have recently visited your site but haven’t completed a transaction yet. Websites can be used as part of an omnichannel strategy that includes online marketing channels like email blasts and social media posts as well as offline marketing tactics like direct mailings and phone calls


YouTube is another popular platform for such ads because they are highly targeted audiences who are interested in the things that you offer. You can either run traditional banner ads on the video channel itself or create custom placements using Youtube’s tools.


When you advertise on Instagram, you can target potential customers based on their interests and behaviour. You can also target specific people based on their location or demographic information. For example, if you sell sunglasses, you may want to reach people who live near the beach but don’t yet have any in their wardrobe. In this case, Instagram ads might be a great way for you to get noticed and increase your sales!

Rmarketing is extremely effective way to attract customers at much lower costs. It can bring good results to your KPIs with the right targeting and budgeting.

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