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Which Type of influencer is right for your brand ?

Gone are the days when only celebrities could be thought of as influencers. With the ease of social media platforms and the huge audience, the number of influencers has skyrocketed. With more and more businesses using influencer marketing as a sure way to increase sales, it’s a sure way to guarantee a good ROI within a short span of time, thanks to their audience and the trust they’ve built over these years on their pages. While the number of influencers keeps increasing rapidly, selecting the ideal one becomes quite a task.

What’s the name that pops into your mind as soon as you hear the word- Influencer? Probably someone with Millions of followers like the Kardashians or Jenner family? It’s no brainer they’re one of the most accomplished influencers yet even if you had that kind of huge budget, they might not be the best suited for you. Influencers come in all sizes (following count) and niches that play a very important factor in deciding whether to go with them or not.

There are four types of Influencers based on followers–

  • Nano (1k – 10k
  • Micro (10k -100k)
  • Macro (100k – 1M)
  • Mega (1M+)

1. Nano Influencers

These are the ones with the lowest followers but that shouldn’t be the reason you don’t consider them at all. They have a highly targeted audience that makes them efficient with their message across and the low cost is well suited for local and/or small brands just starting out. The only drawback would be less reach comparatively, but if collaborated regularly with engaging content, this might work out well without having to burn pockets.

2. Micro Influencers

These are the ones who just started growing with pace, getting a hang of the content and algorithm. They are considered to be specialists in peculiar fields making them knowledge leaders in their niche. Their reach is much better than nano ones but not as well as compared to macro and mega influencers however, their audience is hooked on their content and posts. Hence, their content is most likely to have a high engagement rate and influence on the selected target groups as the trust factor is built well here. Their cost is also less than other huge ones so it might be cost-effective with the right mix of influence.

3. Macro Influencers

These are settled in their niches with a huge audience enjoying their content for years. This makes them more experienced in their work and well-known on platforms. They’re more reliable and have worked with a lot of brands already so they know what to do and how to do for marketing brands. However, because of their high number of followers, engaging on a daily basis is quite a task so they might not be as connected with their followers as opposed to the micro and nano influencers.

4. Mega Influencers

These are the names that everyone recognises irrespective of whether they’re regular users of social media or not. They have a massive reach through stories, posts and all types of content and that is one of their pros that you won’t find in any other influencer group. Because of their incredible reach, brands get the most exposure like traditional media advertising with brand ambassadors as celebs. The con would be that their audience group can be diverse as people follow them mostly because they’re already popular and not because of their knowledge of a specific niche.


There are a lot of influencers based on niches as well like lifestyle, sports, food, music, gaming, virtual, coaches, beauty, photography, fashion and so much more. Options are infinite when selecting a niche as there are influencers for almost every type of business available out there. You got to select the niche that is relevant to your brand specifically and then research for influencers.

When it comes to followers, selecting one is based on your budget and preference of reach. If there are no restrictions on budget, then mega would be the best option available but if you want to target a specific group of people, macro, micro and even nano would be ideal.


With around 3.2 million influencers in the world, you would surely find your perfect match keeping the above factors in mind.

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