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Why choose meme marketing for your business?

No longer memes are funny jokes sent in dms and shared just with friends for a light laugh, social media giants like Chipotle, Zomato, Netflix, McDonald’s, Disney+Hotstar and so many others have normalised the use of memes as a part of their marketing campaigns and we’re not complaining.

Who doesn’t wants to have a fun time while being advertised to? Win-win for both parties!

Imagine we started this blog like this – This blog is about memes VS with the meme below instead.  What’s more entertaining enough to make you read further?

And who wouldn’t want to present what they’re selling as catchy? Catchy gets attention and today’s digital race is all about attention. Memes are intelligent, funny, sarcastic, and to the point and they keep you updated on trends quickly.

Memes are basically information conveyed in a funny way with the use of memes that makes people laugh and relate to. The use of memes was once restricted to Millenials and gen z but now, it has become an effective way to put forth your brand narrative in a quick, low-effort yet highly engaging way.


But why memes? Because that is the language that netizens relate to. People don’t want to be preached to. Memes subtly integrate brand messaging into the conversation. They don’t flash as advertisements but as humorous promotions instead. One of the main aspects that gave a push to this phenomenon was startups hungry for innovative ways to connect with their target customer base as this wasn’t just outright smart but also very cost-effective as compared to print ads or TV commercials. A meme’s lifespan is very less ranging from a week to a month. The rarest that continue to be popular are overused as a constant reference. Memes usually get quite popular quickly and built a trend around them, being a reference hence, being used more and more. Visual content is more likely to be consumed more and that makes memes a friendly option to consider.


Whether you are an online or offline business looking for new fun ways to attract more clients or promote your product/services in an edgy and effective way, marketing using memes is the newbie to place your bets on!

Here are 4 reasons why Memes hit the right spot to pave their niche in marketing-


  1. Familiarity- Memes are mostly based on concepts and figures that we’re well aware of. They have a well-established understanding of the context and concept it is being used, all you have to do it add your take on the trend and hit the publish button. Since trendy memes are familiar to the audience, they enjoy more and more takes on the same trend with different messaging and that makes it easier than ever to connect with an already existing audience interested in being fed information with the familiar memes.


  1. Low effort content – As a surplus, they are very easy and cheap (free even) to make. With plenty of free online meme creators available, unlike other methods of marketing, you can create a large number of memes for almost nothing which greatly increases your chances of a return on investment. Templates are always available on the internet, all it takes is your quirky humour and a few words to hop on the trend without spending a lot of time in the content creation process.


  1. High Chances of being Popular- Aside from being able to create these promotional memes on a whim without any actual planning required, these memes also have a great chance to go viral. Not only does going viral greatly increase your brand exposure, but it can also drive a huge swarm of traffic to your website/product/idea. When a content form is trending, people are most likely to want more and more of it as it’s entertaining for them currently. This creates a need for memes in the market by all target groups who need a fun break while scrolling.


  1. Relatable- Good memes integrate the subtle message so well, that you feel like yes, this was written for me. It’s the coupling of facts with humour that is an irresistible combination that leaves an impression no other form of content can in such a short span of time.


Unlike most of the other types of marketing out there, memes are what youngsters relate to the most and if they’re your target audience, marketing through memes is a must-go for all looking for growth, creativity and keeping up with the social media times. Basically, if there’s anything new, trendy and fun, worth giving a shot at in marketing your biz that doesn’t even take up a lot of your time… it’s memes!

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